The Treats of Life

Barbados is a superb Caribbean Vacation Destination!

Rockley Beach


Barbados is the place where my roots are. My maternal grandmother emigrated from Barbados to the island of Trinidad as a young woman. I enjoy visiting the Island. The people are very welcoming and treat tourists with a great sense of respect. They value their tourism industry immensely.


Things to do

There are so many things to do in Barbados that the time spent never seems to be enough. The beaches are amazing. You will feel pleasantly hypnotized while taking a stroll as your feet sink into the gorgeous white sand.


Barbados beaches are indeed breathtaking!


One of the Beaches we visited was Worthing Beach. Worthing Beach is located in the Parish of Christ Church on the south coast of the island. Its waters are calm and inviting. You may want to sit in that water for the entire day. It is a very children friendly beach.

Worthing Beach
Worthing Beach Barbados


Another famous beach on the south coast of the Island is Rockley Beach. Rockley Beach is also known as Accra Beach. It is situated in the Parish of Christ Church. It is a top-rated beach, offering both adventurous and mildly calm waves. You will enjoy walking along the soft pure white sand and swimming or participating in the many available water-sport activities. 

Rockley Beach /Accra Beach Barbados


We visited another beach on the east coast of the island called Bathsheba Beach. This Beach is situated in the parish of St. Joseph. The waves are incredibly rough, so they may not be conducive for bathing but it is perfect for surfing. However, it offers a picturesque view and is home to fishing and local restaurants. 



Bathsheba Beach Barbados




One of the unique features of Barbados is Harrison’s Cave. In the 18th and 19th century attempts to access the cave proved futile. However, in 1974, Danish engineer and cave adventurer Ole Sorensen rediscovered it, along with Barbadians Tony Mason and Allison Thornhill. Later the government of Barbados developed the cave as a tourist attraction. You would indeed be educated on the history of this cave on your tour.


We visited a flower garden and was astonished to see unique flowers of all different varieties and types. It’s an amazing sight to behold of God’s wonderful creation!


Later we toured an old sugar factory and was given so many insights on making sugar. We also had fun taking pictures of some antique pieces of equipment on our tour.

Our stay in Barbados is always an adventure, and the time spent never seems to be enough. It is indeed one of the best vacation experiences we’ve had. I know that once you visit, you will have a fabulous stay.